Preschool in Hampton, VA


preschool students in Hampton, VA
preschool students in Hampton, VA
preschool students in Hampton, VA

Character-building Discipline

The Bible teaches that the goal for our youth is to see them "conformed to the image of His Son." We are dedicated to the goal of turning out young people with Christian character, self-discipline, and academics equipping them to go out into a lost world and lift up Jesus Christ without fear or apology.


It is our desire to instill within students the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, to take the responsibility personally to do right and exercise initiative in leading others in the right direction. We believe that a great need of our nation and world today is well-trained Christian leaders.

Manners and Courtesies

Unconsciously practicing good manners and etiquette is our goal for students. Good manners and courtesy are the consideration for the rights and feelings of others and not drawing attention to one self.

Pre-School Information & Objectives

K-2 Through K-4
FEOC is a preschool that provides before and after school childcare. All pre-school classes begin at 8:30 a.m. Children are in a traditional classroom setting during the morning hours. All pre-school children who remain for after school care will nap in the afternoon. Before school childcare fees include breakfast from 6:15 am to 7:35 am. Tuition fees include a morning snack. After school childcare fees include lunch and an afternoon snack.
K-2 students are given the opportunity to learn to say their ABC's, to count, and to recognize shapes and colors. They begin practicing motor skills, such as putting on their own coats and shoes and feeding themselves with utensils. They are taught table manners as well as respect for others. Each day they have a Bible time where they hear Bible stories and are taught various songs. They begin learning how to honor the flag and our country, as well as our Lord and Savior. Our teachers work with you, the parent, to potty train children and strive to give regular reports of how your child is doing in the K-2 program. Our K-2 program is a pre-school program in preparation to enter the K-3 learning environment.
In our K-3 program children are taught to recognize their ABC's out of sequence and begin learning what sound each letter makes. They also begin to recognize numbers 1-20. They practice motor skills while coloring and cutting and are encouraged to be creative, yet still learn the correct name and function of various people, animals and things within our world. K-3 students are taught to respect adults and each other as well as correct behavior in a classroom and school setting. K-3 students are taught love for God and country through saying pledges to both the Christian and American flags and to the Bible. They have a time of Bible teaching and singing songs each morning.
K-4 children not only learn letter and number recognition and what sound each letter makes, they also learn to blend their sounds together and should begin reading three-letter words by the years end. They continue learning motor and socialization skills and how to respect adults and each other. They learn patriotism and love for God and country through not only saying pledges to the Christian flag, American flag and Bible, but also by singing the National Anthem and "My Country 'Tis of Thee". K-4 classes have regular Bible teaching and song time each morning.

School Information


Faith Outreach Education Center began as a ministry of Faith Outreach Church for the purpose of educating children in Christian education. As an evangelistic and educational outreach of our church, Faith Outreach Education Center opened its door to the local community for the first time in the fall of 1979. The Pastor of Faith Outreach Church or his/her designee provides a spiritual oversight for the school and the church board is responsible for overseeing the financial matters.

About Us

FOEC is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). However, we are not accredited by them. Please note that accreditation is not a factor considered by other private schools or public schools when a student transfers into that school. Nor is accreditation a factor in graduating high school seniors being accepted into a college or university. FEOC is a ministry of Faith Outreach Church. Although the church is an International Pentecostal Holiness Church, the school is a non-denominational Christian School. Our staff members come from a variety of churches.

Staff Requirements

  • Dedicated Christian teachers who follow Scriptural instructions and consider their positions a ministry for the Lord, not merely a job.
  • (Therefore, they often forgo larger salaries they could be earning in order for the school to keep its tuition rates low.)
  • We expect all teachers to be an example of people passionate about Christ and prepared to fulfill their God given destiny.
  • All teachers and staff of FOEC get both a criminal background check with the Virginia State Police and with the Department of Social Services.
  • All staff members are required to have a yearly physical to determine if they are capable of working with children.
  • They are required to get a yearly Pastoral Recommendation.
  • Our teachers are required to have a high school diploma.
  • Our teachers are trained in the A Beka curriculum by Pensacola Christian College.